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From security gates to various other gates designs, we have it all. Contact EB Staalwerke for the finest security gates in Pretoria(Tshwane), Centurion and Midrand

Gates in Pretoria(Tshwane), Centurion and Midrand

Security gates serve a common and important need in South Africa, offering industry and residential homes protection  and security. There are many different types of gates, ranging from designer gates, drive way gates, wrought iron gates and electric gates. Call 082 575 3311 NOW!!

EB Staalwerke manufactures and installs quality security gates in Pretoria(Tshwane), Centurion and Midrand for all domestic and industrial uses. The gates are made to customer specifications and design requirements, and the gates can either be sliding, single or double leaf.

Various steel profiles are used to enhance the look and strength of the gates, Meranti wood and/or steel sheeting could be included into the centre for an extra finishing touch. Protective wood oil will be applied prior to fitment, so as to protect the wood from rot and spoil. Call 082 575 3311 NOW!!

Locks may vary from standard large and small Ultra locks, and Cylinder, barrel and customised homemade designs to augment the gate designs.

Gate accessories for your security gates

Door latch mechanisms consist of two parts - the striker plate on the door post and the latch on the door. EB Staalwerke manufactures various electrical striker latches to enhance the appeal of their customers' security gates and steel gates design:

  • Handles could be installed to enhance handling or looks
  • Hinges vary from Bullet, Butterfly, Heavy duty, all depending on the weight of the gates
  • Sliding gates will be fitted with fully concreted rail. Wheels are 60 / 80 / 100 mm in diameter and come fully installed and aligned with a strong wheel guide to maintain the gate's upright posture. Call 082 575 3311 NOW!!

Sliding Electrical Gate Motors

Sliding electrical gate motors from acclaimed brands are supplied and fully installed. These products range from the following:

  • Centurion D5: gate motor for gates weighing up to 500kg
  • Centurion D10: gate motor for gates up to 800kg
  • Other makes and models are also available depending on customer's requirements

There are also battery backup devices included with the gate motors, with 2 remotes supplied. More remotes can be supplied upon request from the customer. Various Intercoms systems are available to support your security needs and requirements. Call 082 575 3311 NOW!!

EB Staalwerke has more than 20 years experience servicing the greater Pretoria(Tshwane) and Midrand areas of high quality, durable and affordable gates of all fashions and sizes.

Contact EB Staalwerke for the best gate designs and security gates in Centurion, Midrand and Pretoria(Tshwane). Call 082 575 3311 NOW!!



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